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Records Request Form

  1. Describe the records as specifically as possible, including time period.
  2. Costs associated with requests:

    Paper Documents: up to 9 by 14 inches - $0.10 cents per copy / 11 by 17 inches - $0.15 cents per copy

    Electronic: Cost varies based on format and redaction necessary.

    Email: Search Fees Apply

    Search Fees: The city may charge a reasonable fee for the time necessary to search for and copy public records. Research time may be charged at the actual cost incurred to locate the requested records. Copying time shall not exceed the average hourly rate of pay for clerical staff of the public body. These fees are in addition to copy fees and supply fees. (RSMo. 610.010, 610.023, 610.024, 610.026)

  3. Insert the amount you are willing to pay without additional information about the documents or approval.
  4. I would prefer to receive these records via
  5. If portions of the requested records are closed, please segregate the closed portions and provide me with the rest of the records.
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