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BOA Speaker Request Form - Zoom

  1. Board of Aldermen Zoom Speaker Request Form
  2. **Participants MUST indicate how their name will appear on Zoom. If you choose to call in with audio only, please indicate what phone number you will be calling from. Failure to indicate the correct username may result in exclusion from participation. Contact Morgan Kuepfert,, 314-587-2804 with any questions or concerns.
  4. Instructions for participating via Zoom:
    1) Upon completion of this form, you will receive the Meeting ID and Password. It is crucial you do not share this information.
    2) Every meeting features the “waiting room” function. You will remain in the waiting room until “Hearing from Citizens” or your specified agenda item. Once your comments have concluded, you will be removed from the meeting.
    3) Upon being admitted to the meeting and recognized by the Mayor, speakers shall state their name and address for the record.
    4) Each speaker will be given three (3) minutes for comments.
  5. Every meeting is streamed live on YouTube in real time, recorded and uploaded to the City’s website upon conclusion. Your completion of this form indicates your acknowledgement that your comments will be streamed live and recorded.
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