Coronavirus Updates and Information

Information received from St. Louis County

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The below information was received on August 6 from St. Louis County: 

St. Louis Metropolitan Pandemic Task Force 

Daily Media Update  

ST. LOUIS – The St. Louis Metropolitan Pandemic Task Force is not holding a livestreamed press briefing today, Thursday, August 6, 2020, but is providing the following updated data points and Power Point slides for news media.  

The next livestreamed briefing will take place, Friday, August 7, at 3:30 p.m. via online video streaming. 

The following data are the combined figures from the four major health systems (BJC HealthCare, Mercy, SSM Health, St. Luke’s Hospital) that are part of the task force, for August 6.   

- New hospital admissions (data lagged two days) decreased – from 40 yesterday to 31 today. * 

- The seven-day moving average of hospital admissions (data lagged two days) decreased – from 44 yesterday to 43 today.

- The seven-day moving average of hospitalizations increased - from 265 yesterday to 269 today.*

- Inpatient confirmed COVID positive hospitalizations decreased - from 284 yesterday to 266 today. 

- Inpatient suspected COVID positive hospitalizations decreased – from 133 yesterday to 132 today.

- The number of confirmed COVID positive patients in the ICUs increased – from 69 yesterday to 70 today.

- The number of confirmed COVID positive patients on ventilators increased – from 35 yesterday to 39 today.

- Across the system hospitals, 60 COVID-19 patients were discharged yesterday, bringing the cumulative number of COVID-19 patients discharged to 4,123.  

*A delay in testing results for August 5 has changed our hospital admissions data but did not affect the rolling seven-day average. The hospitalization number was also adjusted. These numbers have been corrected.

The changes are:

August 5, - 40 Admissions verses the 39 originally reported.

August 5, - rolling seven-day average changes to 265 after a change in admissions on August 3, to 290 hospitalizations.

We apologize for any trouble this may cause. 

The St. Louis Metropolitan Pandemic Task Force includes the St. Louis metropolitan area’s largest health care systems, working together to coordinate capacity, staffing, supplies and other issues to prepare for a coming surge of patients with COVID-19. They are also coordinating with public health departments, elected leaders and state and federal agencies to provide the best possible care to patients in the weeks ahead. 


Other general information:

The City of Town and Country considers public health and safety as one of the key tenants of our mission. To that end City staff and elected officials have put many precautions in place. We have also been coordinating with St. Louis County Department of Health and West County Fire and EMS. Listed below are resources to assist you. If you do not find the information you need, please do not hesitate to contact City Hall at 314-432-6606.

If I am concerned that I have coronavirus or may have been exposed, what do I do?

Contact the St. Louis County COVID-19 Hotline 24/7 at 314-615-2660

Where can I get information and updates?

Visit St. Louis County’s dedicated COVID-19 webpage at

Please follow St. Louis County, the County Department of Public Health and the County Executive on social media for updates.

Where can I get updates about travel?

Coronavirus Disease Information for Travel can be found at

What resources are available from St. Louis County? 

  • Guidance for the general public, churches, schools, businesses, and community organizations on how to prevent the spread of germs and diseases.
  • Regular updates on COVID-19 from the state and federal government.
  • Health education and promotional materials to help promote hand washing, Cover Your Cough, and other community messages.
  • Assistance with emergency planning and preparation.
  • Literature and information for vulnerable populations.
  • St. Louis County clinics can provide medical care to all County residents, regardless of ability to pay. Call 314-615-0500 if you do not have a doctor.
    • Missouri has been approved for the U.S. Small Business Administration Disaster Loan Fund.  Use this link to view the application.

Where can I find information about Town and Country events? 

There is a dedicated "News Flash" on the homepage of our website, or click here to access.

A "Thank You" from Missouri Baptist Medical Center - Click here to read.

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On Tuesday, March 17, 2020 the Social Security Administration closed ALL local Social Security offices to the public for in-person service.

This change impacts the nearly 3.5 million U.S. citizens across the country who rely on their local Social Security office each month to get help applying for and receiving benefits.