Topping Road Improvements

The Topping Road Corridor is a well-traveled north/south roadway in Town and Country, carrying traffic from several residential subdivisions between Clayton Road and Manchester Road. In its present configuration the roadway is two 11 foot lanes. While utilizing the existing pavement platform for replacement we look to add a multi-use pedestrian facility similar to the Clayton Road trail. The pavement is in poor shape and failing in many areas due to poor subsurface conditions and the effects of wear and tear over time.

The first Phase of improvements is slated for the road between Clayton and Kent Manor with design work to begin in 2019. The second Phase will encompass the road between Kent Manor and Pingry. Town and Country has received grant approval for Phase I from the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission, and is submitting for federal funding on Phase II. The City looks forward to completing these infrastructure improvements which will enhance the community by providing amenities and access to its residents.

Topping Road Task Force Members

  • Alderman Tiffany Frautschi, Chairman
  • Adam Baer
  • Holly Ball
  • Carla Borgard
  • Janine Fabick
  • Keith Goding
  • Mark Harter
  • Gordon Reel
  • Andrew Selkirk
  • Lesley Wagner

Staff Liaison

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Phase I

Phase I Map

Phase II

Phase II Map