Prosecuting Attorney

Prosecuting Attorney services are provided by the law firm of Curtis, Heinz, Garrett and O'Keefe. Please contact The Administrative Assistant to the Prosecutor, Bianca Busch, with any questions.

Click HERE to view a letter from the Prosecuting Attorney's office regarding the September 17 Prosecuting Attorney Zoom Docket. 

Requests for recommendations must be sent in writing to the Prosecuting Attorney Office addressed as follows:
 Prosecuting Attorney's Office
    City of Town and Country
  1011 Municipal Center Drive
Town and Country, Missouri 63131

And include the following:

  • A self-addressed, stamped envelope (recommendations will not be mailed without one);
  • A copy of your entry of appearance filed with the court, which should contain the Defendant's name, citation/case number(s), initial court date, and charge(s), and/or provide a copy of the ticket; and
  • Any relevant documentation that would assist the prosecutor in making a recommendation, i.e. proof of insurance, registration, reinstatement etc... NOTE: If your client's charge(s) involves a motor vehicle accident, a copy of their insurance card is not sufficient. You must provide either a letter from your client's insurer verifying valid liability insurance on the date of the accident or proof of restitution.
Counsel will receive a written recommendation from the prosecutor by mail with a new court date. It is counsel's responsibility to notify the defendant of the recommendation. The recommendation will indicate if an appearance is required, otherwise recommendations may be accepted by the attorney and client signing the recommendation form and returning it to the court with payment in full by the date and time given. Do NOT forward payment to the prosecutor's office. The payment will not be processed by the prosecutor's office.

If the recommendation is not accepted and paid in full by the date and time noted on the recommendation, it is counsel's responsibility to contact the Court to obtain a continuance. Although the prosecutors may not object to a continuance, they are not authorized to continue court dates.

PLEASE NOTE:    Due to changes by the Supreme Court to Rule 37.04, requests for recommendations mailed to the court will not be processed by the court. It is your responsibility to ensure that an entry of appearance is filed with the court and a separate request for recommendation is mailed to the prosecutor's office.

Requests for discover and /or police report - Discovery in Municipal Court is governed by Rule 37.54. Copies of police reports, accident reports or DWI reports will be provided upon written request without obtaining an order from the court. All other requests for discovery must be presented to the court in writing with a copy of such request provided to the prosecutor. Reports will only be mailed if you provide a sufficiently sized, self-addressed, envelope with the proper postage affixed.

You may contact the Administrative Assistant to the Prosecutor at (314) 587-2834.

Thank you for your cooperation.