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The City of Town and Country welcomes you to our Transparency Portal, a means to ensure annual compliance with RSMo 67.287 and provide ready access to other noteworthy items. Click on the buttons below to be taken directly to a department's page with pertinent information or on the individual links which open the actual documentation. You may also scroll through the statute itself below and find links to a specific portion of information following each section. Do not hesitate to reach out to the City Clerk at (314) 587-2806 or should you need help locating any other information. 

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RSMo 67.287

1. As used in this section, the following terms mean:

(1) “Minimum standards”, adequate and material provision of at least seventy-five percent of the items listed in subsection 2 of this section; 

(2) “Municipality”, any city, town or village located in any county with a charter form of government and with more than nine hundred fifty thousand inhabitants;

(3) “Peace officer”, any peace officer as defined in section 590.010 who is licensed under chapter 590.

2. Every municipality shall meet minimum standards by providing the following municipal services, financial services and reports:

(1) A balanced annual budget listing anticipated revenues and expenditures, as required in section 67.010, for each political subdivision; HERE

(2) An annual audit by a certified public accountant of the finances of the municipality that includes a report on the internal controls utilized by the municipality to prevent misuse of public funds.  The municipality also shall include its current procedures that show compliance with or reasonable exceptions to the recommended internal controls; HERE

(3) A cash management and accounting system that accounts for all revenues and expenditures; HERE

(4) Adequate levels of insurance to minimize risk to include: HERE

(a) General liability coverage;

(b) Where applicable, liability coverage with endorsements to cover emergency medical personnel and paramedics;

(c) Where applicable, police professional liability coverage;

(d) Workers compensation benefits for injured employees under the provisions of chapter 287;

(e) Bonds for local officials as required by sections 77.390, 79.260, 80.250, or local charter;

(5) Access to a complete set of ordinances adopted by the governing body available to the public within ten business days of a written request. An online version of the regulations or code shall satisfy this requirement for those ordinances which are codified; HERE

(6)  If a municipality has a police department or contracts with another police department for public safety services, a police department accredited or certified by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies or the Missouri Police Chiefs Association or a contract for police service with a police department accredited or certified by such entities; HERE

(7) Written policies regarding the safe operation of emergency vehicles, including a policy on police pursuit; HERE

(8) Written policies regarding the use of force by peace officers; HERE

(9) Written general orders for a municipal police department unless contracting with another municipality or county for police services; REQUEST BY EMAIL-on file in the Office of the Chief of Police.

(10) Written policies for collecting and reporting all crime and police stop data for the municipality as required by law.  Such policies shall be forwarded to the attorney general's office; HERE

(11) Construction code review by existing staff, directly or by contract with a public or private agency.  The provisions of this subdivision shall not require the municipality to adopt an updated construction code;  HERE

(12) Information published annually on the website of the municipality indicating how the municipality met the standards in this subsection. If there is no municipal website, the information must be submitted to the county for publication on its website, if it has a website. See links provided at the end of each subsection that demonstrates compliance with the minimum standards. The annual update of this page was last completed on February 8, 2023, however real time updates are made throughout the year as needed.
Contact the Office of the City Clerk at (314) 587-2806 or with any questions.