Town Square Task Force

Agendas & Minutes
Agendas are prepared before each meeting. Minutes are available following approval.
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  • Skip Mange (Co-Chairman)
  • Leslie Yoffie (Co-Chairman)
  • Tom Adamitis
Staff Liaisons
  • Kristen DiCarlo
  • Derek Goodin
  • Juli Hesser
  • Dr. Nan Kulkarni
  • Gary Hoelzer, City Administrator
  • Chris Mower
  • Preston Charles Polk
  • Rico Salmon
  • Judy Weber
  • Melanie Rippetoe, City Planner
The Task Force will "develop a placemaking process that capitalizes on the City's assets, inspiration, and potential; promoting health, happiness and well-being."

"The Task Force will identify and provide for a variety of public forums, information exchanges and other communications to gain broad input from the community regarding the best use of the Wirth property and any related subject or matter that would enhance the concept of a town square in and around that area of Town and Country, consistent with the nature and character of the community."

Vision Statement
The Town Square should be a safe, welcoming, comfortable, public space that accommodates users of all ages, where friends and family can congregate to shop, dine and socialize through the day and evening. It should reflect the character, personality, culture, and history of the community, while at the same time addressing the interests and concerns of the adjoining property owners. It needs to be a space that gives people a reason to come to it, along with a reason to stay and enjoy themselves.

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Design Concepts
Conceptual Design
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