Building Permit Fees

Building permit costs are based on the cost of construction and the number of inspections necessary for the work. Below is a list of building permit and fire permit fees for Town and Country.

Building Permit Fees

  • $30 for the first $1,000 (cost of work)
  • $5 for each additional $1,000 (cost of work)
  • $60 per inspection
  • For residential projects with a construction valuation of $50,000 or more a cash escrow deposit of $5,000 is required for street guarantees before a building permit will be issued.

Fire Permit Fees

  • $50 base fee
  • $1.75 for each $1,000 (cost of work)

  • $100 base fee
  • $3.75 for each $1,000 (cost of work)
For more information regarding permit fees, please contact the Planning and Public Works Department at (314) 587-2820.