Investigative Unit

The Investigative Unit is the only non-uniform unit of the Department. This unit consists of three detectives and is overseen by Detective Sergeant Walker. The detectives have primary responsibility for:

    • Crime Scene Processing
    • Follow-Up Investigations
    • Juvenile Offenses
    • Child Abuse and Neglect
    • Background Investigations (pre-employment process and liquor license applications)

The detectives are on-call 24 hours a day and receive extensive training in crime scene processing and investigative techniques. They are also members of the Greater St. Louis Major Case Squad, which investigates high-profile homicides in the greater St. Louis area.
The photograph on the right was captured by a hidden surveillance camera placed by detectives at the request of a resident who suspected a worker was stealing from them.

As you can see in the picture, the female worker was searching through the dresser drawers of the victim. She was later arrested and confessed to stealing jewelry and silverware. She was charged with burglary and stealing. 

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