Conservation Commission


The Commission is scheduled to meet the first Monday of every month.  Please check the calendar to confirm meeting dates. 

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are prepared before each meeting. Minutes are available following approval.
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The Conservation Commission consists of 2 members from each ward and up to 2 at-large members. All members have equal voting rights. All terms are 2-year, renewable terms.

  • Alderman Matt Reuter (Chairman), Ward 3
  • Todd Abrams (Regular member), Ward 1
  • Sandra Murdock (Regular member), Ward 1
  • Ann Marie Mayuga, (At-Large member), Ward 1
  • Hera Gerber (Regular member), Ward 2
  • Sam Eveland (Regular member), Ward 2
  • Linda Hultgren (Regular member), Ward 3
  • Linda Robson (Regular member), Ward 3
  • Susan Blake (Regular member), Ward 4


The Conservation Commission's duties shall include, but are not limited to:

1.   Make recommendations to and advise the Board of Aldermen with respect to the development and/or support of ecologically sound programs and practices within the City.  

2.  Provide educational programs and engage the community in various events and efforts that promote horticultural and sustainable practices.

3.  Manage Community Garden and maintain connection with the active garden clubs in the City. 

4.  Make recommendations regarding the beautification of the City.

5.  Consider and make recommendations regarding area wildlife and forestry.

6.   Provide educational resources to support wildlife safety and harmony with the City.

7.   Review beautification plans at locations of high traffic or high interest in public rights-of-way.

8.   Foster civic pride in the community by promoting an awareness of the City’s history to its residents. 

Conservation Commission 2017
From left to right: Alderman Lindsey Butler, Mariette Palmer, Anne Nixon, Hera Gerber, Sandra Murdock, Linda Robson, and
Linda Hultgren