Operations Division

Hot spots at shopping center
The primary emphasis of the Operations Division is our patrol function. The Patrol Unit is made up of two platoons consisting of two patrol squads per platoon. The platoons are led by Lieutenant Flanagan and Lieutenant Defoe

Each of the four patrol squads is comprised of a Sergeant, Corporal, two patrol officers and one traffic officer. The four patrol squads are scheduled to provide maximum coverage and timely responses to calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 
The Operational Support Unit serves as support to patrol as well as liaisons to our residents, businesses and houses of worship. The unit consists of two officers who report directly to the Chief of Police. 

Patrol and traffic officers assigned to Operations respond to nearly 20,000 calls for service and log over 300,000 miles of driving each year. Their core services include:

    • Primary responses to calls
    • Directed patrol at potential trouble spots
    • Proactive in the enforcement of state law and local ordinances
    • Problem solving for recurring complaints

In addition to responding to calls for service, patrol officers conducted numerous directed patrol assignments. These directed patrols and area checks are initiated by citizen concerns or developed by the analysis of hot spots or potential problem areas. 

The Department utilizes a unique deployment strategy referred to as “P.U.S.H.” (Positioning Units Strategically in Hot-spots). Rather than deploying officers based solely upon a geographically boundary, P.U.S.H. utilizes up to the minute crime analysis and directs patrol resources to hot-spots of criminal activity. When a crime series is identified, additional officers are moved into the area for saturation patrol. P.U.S.H. enhances the effectiveness of deployment and directs uncommitted patrol time to the areas where most needed.