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TCPD is an MPCCF certified agency.
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Welcome to Town and Country Police Department

On behalf of the men and women of the Town and Country Police Department, welcome to our website. Our professional and progressive police department is certified by the Missouri Police Chiefs Association, having met all of the professional standards required of law enforcement agencies in the 21st century. Our Department consists of 29 sworn officers and an administrative police clerk. Our men and women are dedicated to working with citizens to keep our City safe and providing exemplary service and protection 24 hours a day. The City of Town and Country proudly remains one of the safest places in Missouri with the understanding that public safety is a partnership involving both the police and the community. 

Leadership Values

Our Department is guided by the principals of procedural justice, for both the public as well as for the men and women of the police department. According to a publication by the Community Oriented Policing Services of the U.S. Department of Justice, “procedural justice refers to the idea of fairness in the processes that resolve disputes and allocate resources. It is a concept that, when embraced, promotes positive organizational change, bolsters good relations with the community, and enhances officer safety” (Kunard and Moe).

The four major elements of procedural justice are:

1) Fairness and consistency of rule application-- Whether it is the internal personnel processes of the department or an officer enforcing the law, fairness in both the process and the outcome are essential.

2) Voice and representation in the process – allowing people and groups to be heard to have a voice in the outcome, or at least to have the opportunity to share their perspective.

3) Transparency and openness of process – decisions are made in the open and without secrecy or deception.

4) Impartiality and unbiased decision making – decisions are impartial and based upon the facts, not bias or opinion.

We expect our officers to embody procedural justice in all of their interactions with the public, and officers can expect that they will be treated with those same principles of justice in the processes and relationships within the department.

Kunard, L. and Moe, C. Community Oriented Police Services of the U.S. Department of Justice (2015). Procedural Justice for Law Enforcement: An Overview. Washington, DC.

Our Vision

Is a community where the citizens and general public are secure in their homes, schools, houses of worship, places of employment and all public places; knowing that the Town and Country Police serve without prejudice as guardians and agents of justice, in opposition to those who violate the law; while standing firm to restore order, safety and peace of mind for those who are exploited and victimized.

Mission Statement

Our mission, collectively as a department, and individually as officers, is to provide an exemplary level of service and protection to the City of Town and Country, its residents, businesses, and to all those who may visit, work in, or travel through our community, by virtue of professional conduct at all times and the enforcement of criminal and traffic laws without prejudice or bias, with respect for the rights of all people, to effectuate a safe and secure environment for all.