The city’s zoning regulations are intended to protect the character and values of the city, to encourage the most appropriate use of land and management of natural resources, and to guide the future growth and development of the city. Zoning of a particular property can be changed by the Board of Aldermen of the city on its own initiative, and also in response to a petition by a land owner requesting that land be rezoned. 

Rezoning Process

  • Submit a complete, signed Petition to the Board of Aldermen for a Change in Zoning, with the required application fee. With the application form, submit a site plan showing the proposed use of the property. The site plan should include all the information required by Section 405.260 of the Municipal Code. City staff will review your application for compliance with city codes, plans and regulations and may ask for additional information or clarification. When city staff considers the application to be complete, you will be asked to supply 15 folded copies of the plan and other materials for review by the Planning and Zoning Commission
  • Appear before the Planning and Zoning Commission to present your request. The Planning and Zoning Commission will make a recommendation to the Board of Aldermen. The commission will consider the following standards when they consider your rezoning request:
    • The public need for the proposed use
    • The extent to which the proposed amendment and proposed use are in compliance with and/or deviate from the adopted comprehensive plan
    • The suitability of the property in question for the uses permitted under the proposed zoning
    • The adequacy of public facilities, such as sewer and water, and other required public services
    • The public health, safety, and general welfare will not be damaged
    • The land values of adjoining properties will not be damaged
    • The commission shall not recommend the adoption of a proposed amendment unless it finds that the adoption of such an amendment is in the public interest and not solely for the interest of the applicant
  • Appear at a public hearing before the Board of Aldermen after submitting 15 folded copies of the plans and supporting information to city staff to be forwarded to the board. City staff will publish a notice of the public hearing, will mail it to your neighbors, publish it on the city’s website and will post a sign with copies of the notice on your property. The Board of Aldermen will consider your rezoning request at 2 separate meetings and may approve an ordinance authorizing the property to be rezoned.
For further information please or call the City’s Planning Department.