Conditional Use Permit

The City of Town and Country is eager to process your application for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) (PDF) as quickly and efficiently as possible. To help us accomplish this, please review the following information before submitting your application.

Conflicting Land Uses

Certain land uses may occasionally conflict with other uses in the neighborhood, or may have the potential to create adverse effects on neighboring properties. Such uses may be ‘conditionally’ permitted in particular zoning districts after review of the particular use and its effect on its neighborhood.

Impacts to Be Considered

Impacts that may be considered during the review can include noise, traffic, storm water, and physical or visual incompatibility with the permitted uses in surrounding areas. The city may approve a conditional use, but with conditions that offset the impact of the proposed use in the neighborhood and safeguard city standards as seen in Article VI. of the Municipal Code.

CUP Process

  1. Submit a complete, signed Application for CUP, with the required application fee. With the application form, submit supporting plans and drawings, including a survey and site plan if necessary, and signatures of subdivision trustees, if applicable. City staff will review your application for compliance with city codes, plans and regulations and may ask for additional information or clarification. When city staff considers the application to be complete, you will be asked to supply 15 folded copies of the plan and other materials for review by the Planning and Zoning Commission.
  2. Appear before the Planning and Zoning Commission to present your request. The Planning and Zoning Commission will make a recommendation, with proposed conditions if applicable, to the Board of Aldermen.
  3. Submit an electronic copy and 6 folded copies of the plans and supporting information to be forwarded to the Board of Aldermen. City staff will publish a notice of the public hearing, will mail it to your neighbors and will post a sign with copies of the notice on your property. Appear at a public hearing before the Board of Aldermen to present your request.  The Board of Aldermen will consider the request for the CUP at 2 separate meetings and may approve an ordinance authorizing the CUP.
  4. Accept the CUP by written endorsement and agree to abide by all its conditions.
For more information, please call the City’s Planning Department.