Planning & Development

November 18, 2020 Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting

Given the current public health crisis and various emergency declarations this meeting will be held electronically in compliance with Missouri Attorney General ruling in addition to Missouri State Statute 610.020 and Town & Country Municipal Code Sec. 130.030.

Persons interested in making their views known on any agenda items should send an email with their comments to Laura Lowell at LowellLM@town-and-country. All comments received by 4:30 PM on Wednesday, November 18 will be distributed to the entire Commission before the meeting and entered into the record. To tune in, please click the "WATCH" banner on our homepage at on November 18 at 7:00 PM.

Click on the link below to view a copy of the packet and associated agenda items.

Meeting Schedules & Submission Dates

Planning Activities

The City's planning activities include:
  • Land use and comprehensive community planning
  • Development management
  • Administering the City's zoning, subdivision and sign regulations
  • Local coordination of the Census
  • Beautification grants
  • Investigation of code violations
  • Assisting elected and appointed City officials in carrying our the City's goals and policies
Municipal zoning, subdivision and sign regulations are continuously being reviewed to keep them current with the City's goals and policies. As a part of its planning function, the City has produced a number of special plans and studies, including the Highway 141 Corridor Plan, to develop a plan to improve both appearance and traffic movement, and the City's Parks and Open Space Plan and Parks and Trails Master Plan.

This Development Guide is intended to help you with your Rezoning, Subdivision, Site Plan Review or Conditional Use Permit. We urge you to contact the Planning Department for additional information or to schedule an appointment to discuss your project.

Architectural Review

All new residences, front of house additions, subdivision gates, non-residential construction and roof-mounted solar panels that do not face a street must go before the Architectural Review Board prior to permitting.

Conditional Use Permit

The City of Town and Country is eager to process your application for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) as quickly and efficiently as possible.


The city's zoning regulations are intended to protect the character and values of the city, to encourage the most appropriate use of land and management of natural resources, and to guide the future growth and development of the city.