Code Enforcement

City personnel investigate city code violations such as excessive weeds or dilapidated buildings, arrange for dead animal pick-up on city streets, repair public streets and sewers, and respond to a variety of other requests for service. Call the Planning and Public Works Department at (314) 587-2820 with your requests for service. You may also submit your requests for service or register complaints on our Service Requests page.

Reporting Problems Outside the City

Useful phone numbers for reporting problems outside the city's jurisdiction may be found on our Community Links page.

Code Enforcement FAQ's

What should I do if I receive a Notice of Violation?
  • If possible, abate the violation within the allotted amount of time. If you need a time extension or would like to discuss the matter, please contact the person that sent you the notice.
What will happen if I fail to abate my Code Violation?
  • If the code violation is not abated within the specified period a court summons may be issued and/or a hearing may be conducted to allow the City to abate the violations, which may include a special tax assessment or lien on the property. This is not the preferred course of action for the City. If you cannot abate the violation within the allotted amount of time, please call the Code Enforcement Officer to discuss your options.
What is considered to be a Nuisance?
  • Section 215.030 of Town and Country's Municipal Code list the various types of nuisances.
What is the height restriction on grass?
  • SECTION 215.120: HEIGHT RESTRICTION - The owner, lessee or occupant, or any agent, servant, representative or employee of such owner, lessee or occupant, having control of all or any part of any plot of ground or any residential lot in the City, shall not allow or maintain on such lot or on the street area adjoining the lot any growth of weeds or grass to a height of over eight (8) inches, exempting parks and open space where the maximum height of weeds, brush or natural vegetation will be twelve (12) inches.
How can I make a complaint?
  • Call the Planning and Public Works Department at (314)587-2820 or click here to file a complaint online.
Who should I contact if there are trees blocking the view of a street?
  • If the tree is on a private residence, contact the Planning and Public Works Department at (314) 587-2820.
  • If the tree is in the Right of Way on a City maintained street, contact the Planning and Public Works Department at (314) 587-2820.
  • If the tree is in the Right of Way on a street maintained by St. Louis County, contact (314) 615-8504.
Who do I contact if someone is dumping yardwaste, trash, etc, on my property?
  • In order to pursue with any legal action, we would have to witness the act thereof.
Is discharging/directing water onto my property a violation?
  • Water shall not be directed through a pipe, culvert, hose, spout or drain which discharges within ten (10) feet of an abutting property line. The following are exceptions to this prohibition:
  • 1. Roof of fountain drains that discharge within two (2) feet of the building foundation; or
  • 2. Discharge into an open natural creek or swale on the same property; or
  • 3. Discharge that is parallel to the abutting property line and at least five (5) feel from said line.
What are the regulations as to pool drainage?
  • AG103.3 Drainage and discharge (Addition) Swimming pool drains and overflow drains can be connected to a storm sewer or discharged to a natural watercourse. Such "clean" waters shall not be discharged to the sanitary sewer system. Any liquid waste generated from cleaning pools shall be prevented by appropriate means from being discharged to the storm sewer or a natural watercourse. Swimming pool filter backwash waters shall be discharged to a sanitary sewer system because of the pollutants contained in such water. Care must be taken to ensure that the rate of backwash does not exceed the hydraulic capacity of the sanitary sewer and thus create back-up problems for downstream users of the system.