Fence Permits

All fences require a fence permit, which is issued when the fence plans comply with the City's fence regulations, for a fee of $50. Six-foot high fences are generally permitted along the sides and rear of a residential lot, with at least a 30% open area appearing consistently throughout the fence.

Front yard fences are allowed only on certain designated streets and must be at least 50% open and no taller than four-feet high. Please supply the following information with the fence permit application:

  • A drawing and elevation of the proposed fence
  • Calculation of open area appearing throughout the fence
  • Height of fence
  • Material color of fence
  • Site plan or survey clearly showing the proposed fence location
  • Indication of contact with subdivision trustees
  • $50.00 application fee
Fence regulations are available on the City's Municipal Code or contact the Planning and Public Works Department at (314) 587-2820.