Architectural Review

Monday, December 4, 2023 Architectural Review Meeting

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To submit comments prior to the meeting please email Laura Lowell at

Meeting Schedule & Submission Dates

All new residences, additions that exceed 500 square feet, subdivision gates, nonresidential construction, roof-mounted solar panels that do not face a street, and residential accessory building that require a Conditional Use Permit must go before the Architectural Review Board prior to permitting. 

Nonresidential construction must also be reviewed by the Board of Aldermen. Meetings of the Architectural Review Board are typically held at 5:30 p.m. on the 1st Monday of each month. A representative must attend the meeting, and should bring samples of exterior materials to show the board. 

Application Requirements

There is a $350 application fee and 2 submittal packets are required by the 1st day of the month prior to the month of the Architectural Review Board meeting. For example, the submittal deadline for the July Architectural Review Board meeting is June 1. Twelve collated, folded sets should be submitted 10 days before the scheduled meeting. 

All plans and elevations must be drawn to scale on paper at least 11” x 17”. 
Please contact the Planning and Development Department for further information and for requirements for nonresidential construction. 

New Homes & Addition Requirements

The Architectural Review Board must approve architectural and site design before a building permit can be issued. Each submittal for a structure or addition must include at least the following:
  • Current, sealed survey showing existing house and improvements
    • Photo of existing house / structure and photos of existing houses on both sides and across the street of the proposed house
    • Sealed plot plan showing new construction, all paving and other improvements, landscape plan, all trees to remain and to be removed, with caliper and species, topography and drainage directions, proposed retaining walls with height and setback lines
    • Elevations in color of all 4 sides (seals not required)
    • On elevation drawings, identification of exterior material used for each elevation, excluding doors and windows, including the area and area percentage of each material for each elevation
    • Trustee approvals or disapprovals on plans or by letter
    • Sealed and signed engineer’s calculations of water runoff on lot before and after new construction
The following required information should be submitted on a separate sheet, as well as being shown on the plans: 
  • Architect’s name
  • Lot area
  • Floor area - (1st and 2nd floor heated, habitable areas only, garage and basement not included)
  • Green space and green space percent (green space divided by lot area)
  • Floor area and floor area percent (floor area divided by lot area)
  • Distance from street
  • Height of building (lowest point along front where grade meets the foundation to highest point, excluding chimney)
  • Roof material / color
  • Brick or stone color
  • Siding type and color
  • Trim and accent color
  • Window style and make
  • For tear-down construction, letter or statement describing to what degree and how material of structure will be recycled, reused

Roof-Mounted Solar Panels Not Facing A Street Requirements

Each submittal for a structure or addition must include at least the following: 
  • Current plot plan showing existing structure and location of array(s) including:
    • Lot area
    • Distance the system will be from street / property lines.
  • Details of existing structure including:
    • Height of building
    • Roof color
  • Drawings including:
    • Panel layout / size: Label length and width of each section and panel
    • Number of panels (per section if applicable)
    • Size of array
    • Distance of panels from roof edges, eaves, hips, or ridges / height that panels project off of roof
    • Color of panel / frames
    • Method of bracing
    • Additional details, including further description of the panels and system
  • Photographs demonstrating visibility from:
    • Ground surrounding the structure
    • From each lot line
    • Trustee approvals or disapprovals on plans or by letter
  • Memo summarizing the project, including:
    • Reason for request
    • Description of the arrays including:
      • Number of panels
      • Size
      • Location
      • Visibility
      • Relationship to the sun
      • Efficiency