Planning & Public Works

March 24, 2020 Building Permit / Inspection Process

Application Submission

Complete the appropriate permit application and have it printed before arrival (click here for the application forms). Either wrap or attached the completed application to two sets of plans and place them in the designated bin located in the lobby at the Municipal Center. An addendum or revision should be marked with the address of work and best contact attached to the plans.


Town & Country has temporarily cancelled inspections on all occupied buildings (residences, commercial, office buildings, etc) for the time being.

In an emergency situation where the Planning & Public Works Inspection staff is unavailable to make an inspection for work under an approved permit, the following procedure shall be followed.
For inspections on non-occupied buildings / detached / accessory structures please call 314-587-2820. Please note it may take up to at least 48 hours to schedule an inspection due to reduced staffing.

If you have any questions please call 314-587-2820.
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Welcome to the City's Planning and Public Works Department, the department has four main functions:
  • Coordination of planning and development activities and regulations city-wide, including investigation of code violations.
  • Construction plan review, issuance of building permits and inspection of all new construction.
  • Identifying and promoting community economic opportunities in order to maintain, expand and improve the stability of the city’s business sector.
  • The engineering design, construction and maintenance of all City infrastructure.

City Maps

Meeting Schedules & Submission Dates

Permit Information

Call the Planning Department for information about building permits, sign permits, conditional use permits, subdivisions, natural resource preservation, zoning and setbacks, and general information about land use and development in the City, or to obtain copies of the following City Codes and plans related to Planning and Development:

  • City Maps: $5 (Street with Wards, Zoning, Subdivision 34-inch by 36-inch)
You may also review the City's zoning, subdivision and sign regulations on the Municipal Code.