Longview Farm Park

Pavilion Rentals - Full Day Rental 10AM-7PM

Park Resident 
Drace $100 $200
Longview Farm $125 $250 50 60
Preservation $75  $150 30 40
Town Square $125 $250 30 30
Located at 13525 Clayton Road, just west of Mason Rd, Longview Farm Park continues to be a leading attraction in Town & Country for both young and old. It is a place where our community gathers to make personal connections, promote healthy lifestyles and create memories.

It is the site of yoga classes, weddings, picnics and a multitude of other events and meetings. The gardens surrounding the house are lovingly cared for and maintained by Claire Chosid, President, and the Mason Ridge Garden Club. This group of highly talented Master Gardeners has contributed over 10,000 labor hours since 2002 to make the gardens beautiful year after year.

Trails wind through the woods, around the lake and alongside the stables and pasture. Longview also plays host to the Turkey Trot, Holiday Boutique, and Art, Wine & Music event as well as a number of new activities such as tennis lessons and summer camps for children. Without a doubt, Longview Farm Park is the crown jewel of Town & Country.

The Longview Farm House is rich in history, and with the gathering space addition, has become a popular venue for family and corporate celebration rentals. In addition to the House, the pavilion is also available for rent with playground and restrooms nearby along with a grill, electric and access to scenic wooded trails. (Pavilion rental.)
The pastoral barn and stables are home to horses owned by Equine Assisted Therapy, who provides therapeutic horsemanship services to disabled children.
Click here for the Longview Farm Park trail map.