City Parks

The City of Town and Country owns and maintains approximately 55 acres of parkland in 3 separate parks.  Our parks include Drace Park, Longview Farm Park and Preservation Park. All City Parks & Town Square operate year-round from dawn to dusk.

Park Pavilion Rentals

Park Resident 
Rate/4 hrs
Rate/4 hrs
Drace $40  $80
Longview Farm $50  $100 50 60
Preservation $30  $60 30 40
Town Square $30 $60 30 30
Pavilions are available to rent for Residents and Non-Residents.  Schools and Businesses will be considered for the Resident Rate. A pavilion rental is good for up to four hours.  Each park has a covered pavilion, a playground, and restrooms in close proximity to the parking lot.

Request a pavilion online, call the office at 314-587-2814, or E-mail. 

Drace Park

2310 Cedar Valley Road Town & Country, MO 63131

Longview Farm Park

13525 Clayton Road Town & Country, MO 63141 

Preservation Park

12625 N. Outer 40 Town & Country, MO 63141

Town Square

13360 Clayton Road Town and Country, MO 63131

Note: Queeny Park is located adjacent to Town and Country and is a St. Louis County park.