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Public Works

City of Town and Country
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Town & Country, MO 63131

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Public Works Maintenance

The maintenance activities of the Department include the general upkeep of streets for driveability and structural soundness of the pavements.  We accomplish this through several different means.  Temporary corrections can be made by internal crews.  More substantive maintenance operations such as cracksealing, permanent pavement repair and culvert repair are accomplished under contract with outside vendors. 
Buildings and Facilities

The Department of Public Works is also responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all the municipal buildings, grounds and facilities other than those within the parks system.   

The City is generally split into five seperate areas for cracksealing.  It is the intention of the Department to utilize hot poured pavement sealant in one of these areas each year completing the entire city every five years. 
Snow Removal

Snow Removal is accomplished under contract for all streets in the City both public and private.  Our base of snow removal operations is the salt storage facility located on the east outer road of HWY 141 just south of HWY 40.  If your private street is not currently on our plow list and you would like it added, please contact us at wildecj@town-and-country.org for the appropriate paperwork. 
Tree Trimming / Removal
Trimming / removal of trees on City rights-of-way is completed under contract. 
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