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Building Permits and Inspections

  Building Permits and Inspections

The City of Town and Country issues building and mechanical permits, subject to the requirements of the City. The City’s Building Codes are the 2012 International Codes, with City amendments.

The City’s amendments to the four codes can be purchased or reviewed at the Municipal Center and on this website (on Home Page under Municipal Code, Title V., Building and Construction).


Town and Country has revised the formula for calculating building permit fees. If you have any questions please contact Laura Lowell in the Planning and Public Works Department at (314) 587-2820.

  • $30.00 for the first $1,000 (cost of work)
  • $5.00 for each additional $1,000 (cost of work)
  • $60.00 per inspection


The Building Code helps ensure safety by regulating construction materials and techniques, updating the City's Code will allow builders to use advances that have been made in the nine year time difference. The City will be updating the building codes from the current 2003 to 2012 as of Monday, October 13, 2014. This will affect residential, building, fire, and mechanical permits that are issued by Town and Country. Electrical and plumbing permits will still be issued by St. Louis County.

A building permit is required from the City for new residential and commercial structures, additions, renovations, basement finishes, fireplaces, heating and air conditioning systems and replacements, retaining walls, porches, decks, swimming pools, solar systems, and any structure requiring piers, footings, framing, beams, or roof.

*Please note that inspection fees will be increased to $60 per inspection.

You may purchase copies of the International Codes from the following organization.

American Institute of Architects
911 Washington Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63101


The City of Town and Country has collaborated with   West County EMS & Fire Protection District to streamline our process and better serve our customers. Effective immediately, the City of Town and Country will send all permits that need to be reviewed by the Fire Department directly to the District Fire Marshal.* After they are approved they will be returned to the Town and Country Municipal Center where they can be picked up. All related fees will be due upon pick-up.

All required fire and building inspections will be scheduled through Town and Country. To schedule inspections, please call Laura Lowell at (314)587-2820.

*The following addresses are serviced by Creve Coeur Fire Protection District: 12855 N. Forty Drive, 12935 N. Forty Drive, 12977 N. Forty Drive, and Mason Ridge Center Drive. After City approval, a set of plans will need to be submitted for review to Creve Coeur Fire Protection District located at 11221 Olive Blvd. For fire related questions or inspections, please call them at (314) 432-5570.

To expedite review of your permit application, please be sure to submit all of the following to the Development Office at the Town and Country Municipal Center:

Complete, signed "Application for Building Permit".

Two sets of Building Plans. Each set must have:

            Seal and signature of Missouri registered architect or engineer.
            Two sets of HVAC plans and/or truss plans, if applicable.

  Complete signatures of subdivision trustees for plans affecting the exterior of a residence. For new impervious
  additions, water-runoff calculations and green-space calculations will be required as well.

                Two site plans, if applicable, drawn to scale with correct dimensions and angles, based on and including a 
                current survey signed and sealed by a land surveyor, and containing the information set out in the code.  

Application for Occupancy Permit ($50.00 fee) for new construction, commercial space changes, commercial business name changes and all previously unoccupied space.
If your building permit application is incomplete or does not comply with City codes, staff will discuss necessary changes or additions with you. Please contact Neil Cantwell (314-587-2826) Code Official, for further information.

Building Code Quick Reference Sheet - Some of the City of Town and Country's building code requirements may be different from those in other municipalities. Listed below are some of our requirements to help you plan your building project:
    1. Minimum 5/8" drywall on all new construction. No taping prior to inspection. Screw or nail inspection required.
    2. Double layer of 5/8" type "x" drywall for the separation wall on the garage side of the house, between house and garage, to the underside of the roof sheathing, or, if habitable rooms are above the garage, 2 layers of 5/8" drywall on the ceiling of the garage - Separation wall door and jamb to have a 1 1/2-hour (90-minute) rating. 
    3. Basement - 5/8" drywall required throughout, if basement is finished.
    1. Minimum 10" thick foundation wall and 2 #4 re-bars at top and bottom for basement walls. 
    2. Maximum 8" thick foundation wall and 2 #4 re-bars at top and bottom for short walls. 
    3. Minimum 22" X 10" footing with 2 #4 re-bars for basement walls.
    4. Minimum 20" X 8" footing with 2 #4 re-bars for short walls.
    5. Maximum 6" exposed foundation with siding and 4" exposed foundation with brick.  Weep holes to be above the foundation. 
  3. GREENSPACE (permeable surface):
    1. Minimum 75% green space on lots 1 acre or more.
    2. Minimum 60% green space on lots less than 1 acre.
    1. Maximum 13% floor area (habitable area) on lots 1 acre or more.
    2. Maximum 16% floor area on lots less than 1 acre.
    1. Less than 4 feet in height - no permit required.
    2. Four feet or more in height - building permit required, with 2 sets of plans showing dead men, geogrids, and backfill material.
    3. Walls are allowed in the side and rear setbacks of a lot.
    1. Masonry fireplaces allowed. Metal inserts or prefabricated fireplaces are not allowed inside masonry fireplaces. 
    2. Gas only, factory sealed fireplaces, with metal flues or direct vents, are allowed at the rear of homes where venting is not observed from the front and venting matches or blends with roof or siding materials. 
    1. No permit required if replacing windows of the same size and type only.
    2. Permit required if structural changes are made to the size of the headers, or the windows are increased in size to require tempered glass..
    1. No permit required for roofing provided that no sheathing is removed or replaced and no more than 2 roofs are installed.
    2. No permit required for siding provided that no sheathing is removed or replaced.
    3. Vinyl siding only is allowed over existing wood siding.  
    1. Permit is required to replace a furnace, air conditioner, or ductwork. 
Building Permit Costs - Building permit costs are based on the cost of construction and the number of inspections necessary for the work. The application fee is $25.00 and $5.00 for the first $1,000.00 of construction, plus $5.00 for each additional $1000. The City charges $60 per inspection. Building permit fees and number of inspections vary depending on the kind and cost of construction. Call Laura Lowell (314-587-2820), for more information.

Electrical and Plumbing Permits - Electrical and plumbing permits must be obtained from St. Louis County (314-615-5000, choose option 6). Town and Country issues building and mechanical permits only.

Inspections - The City provides building and mechanical inspections as part of our construction permitting process. Call (314) 587-2820 at least 24 - 48 hours in advance to schedule your inspection. Have ready your building permit number, address of work, type of inspection, name and telephone number when you call. Inspections must be performed in the order shown on the inspection card.

Demolition Permits - The City issues demolition permits upon application and after payment of the applicable fee (minimum $90), after each utility company notifies the City that utilities have been shut off, and after the St. Louis County Department of Health (314-615-4130) has issued a Demolition Waste Release. Both utility and Health Department release forms are required at the time of application to the City.

Fence Permits - All fences require a fence permit, issued when the fence plans comply with City regulations, for a fee of $50.00. Six-foot high fences are generally permitted along the sides and rear of a residential lot and should be no taller than six feet, with at least 30% open area appearing consistently throughout the fence. Front yard fences are allowed only on certain designated streets and must be at least 50% open and no taller than four feet high. Please supply subdivision trustee approval with your fence permit application. Call Neil Cantwell at 314-587-2826 for more information.

Architectural Review - The City’s Architectural Review Board (ARB) must review and approve the design of any new home in the City before the City can issue a building permit. The ARB must also review and approve the design of any addition to an existing home that affects the home’s front elevation. The City’s Board of Aldermen must review and approve the design of any new non-residential construction in the City, after receiving a recommendation from the ARB. Call the Planning Department at (314) 587-2820 for information about the architectural review process.

Occupancy Permits

Residential - Occupancy permits are not required for occupancy of existing residences by new owners or renters. They are required before first occupancy of new houses, additions and newly finished spaces that require a building permit.

Nonresidential – Occupancy permits are required for all new nonresidential construction, including renovations that require a building permit, and for changes in leased or occupied space. The West County EMS and Fire Protection District and Creve Coeur Fire Protection District require yearly inspections of all non-residential occupancies. The City cannot renew a City business license without the Fire District’s inspection report.
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