Town Square

Tentative Schedule for Town Square Considerations

  • Monday, April 24 - First reading of Bill 17-32 that includes an appropriation for the professional services of Stock and Convy to develop, in consultation with the Board of Aldermen, a site plan for Town Square.
  • Monday, May 8 - Second reading of Bill 17-32 and a post work session to continue discussions with Stock and Convy on the development of the site plan.
  • Monday, May 22 - Post work session to continue discussions with Stock and Convy on the development of the site plan.
Town Square Vision Statement
The Town Square should be a safe, welcoming, comfortable, public space that accommodates users of all ages, where friends and family can dine, shop recreate and socialize through the day and evening. It should reflect the character, personality, culture and history of the community, while at the same time addressing the interests and concerns of the adjoining property owners. It needs to be a space that gives people a reason to come to it, along with a reason to stay and enjoy themselves.

Update - May 8, 2017

On May 8, 2017, at the Board of Aldermen meeting, discussion was held regarding the site plan associated with the Town Square project. Click here to view the most recent version of the Preliminary Site Plan presented on 05/08/17 and click here to view proposed site distances.

Update - April 13, 2017

On April 13, 2017, the Board of Aldermen held a Special Meeting to discuss and refine the site plan associated with the Town Square project. This process is being completed under the sole control of the Board of Aldermen with Mike Convy (The Convy Group) and George Stock (Stock and Associates) providing development consultation and engineering services respectively. Click here to view the Preliminary Site Plan dated 04/10/17.

Update - November 14, 2016

On November 14, the Board of Aldermen passed a Resolution authorizing the City Administrator to negotiate an agreement with Brinkmann Constructors for the town square development. The Board discussed two proposals, from Brinkmann Constructors and The Opus Group, and unanimously supported the Brinkmann proposal. (right) There will be future public meetings in which the Board of Aldermen will consider the various elements of town square before the plan is finalized. The City encourages your continued input as the community plans a space that will continue the history of this focal point of our City. An excerpt from the Brinkmann proposal captures the historical essence, as well as the vision for what we refer to as "the Wirth property"...our town square. To stay informed please subscribe to "Community Updates" on the Notify Me link on the City's webpage.
(See bottom of page for larger view of the Brinkmann proposal)
TOWN SQUARE - Colored SITE PLAN - 1-20-17-Updated
Compass view
Introduction & Vision from the Brinkmann Constructors Proposal 
In order to appropriately respond to the development of the Wirth property, I think it is important that we understand the history of this property. What it has provided to the community over the last 130 years. This property in 1886 was at the center of a small farming community known as Altheim, Missouri. One of the closest buildings to the North was the post office housed in the Oge Log Cabin that has recently been reconstructed at Drace Park. Close to this site was the Altheim Inn and Fette Tavern, which served as a gathering place for farmers.
In 1890, a mere four years later, the Wirths constructed their blacksmith shop on this property. From that time to the early 1930s, this also served as a gathering place within the community. One could say all of these buildings were the "computers" in the late 1800s, as all of the information available came into them, and all of the information available left them.
It has been said that the closest building to the East was at Price Road and was known as Busch's Grove. St. Louis has a rich history of Groves. In the early 1900s, there were a series of Groves up and down many of the East and West roads in St. Louis. There was a Chesterfield Grove located just adjacent to what is known as Annie Gunn's, and a Schaeffer's Grove just across the street from Chesterfield Elementary School. We also had Tower Grove, which later evolved into the city park. These Groves were the gathering places where farmers gathered for community dances and often held their town meetings. It was a social place on Saturday nights where you might find a guitar and fiddle player along with a cow trough of beer.
It is in this spirit that we suggest that the Wirth property be labeled as a Grove. We would suggest names such as Altheim Grove, Wirth Grove or Town & Country Grove (Brinkmann Constructors technical proposal, p.4).

And it is in this spirit that the City is planning a gathering place for generations to come.


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Town Square Compass
Town Square Pavilion
TOWN SQUARE - Colored SITE PLAN - 1-20-17-Updated