City Administrator

The City Administrator is the Chief Administrative Officer of the City, and serves at the pleasure of the Mayor and Board of Aldermen. City ordinance requires that the City Administrator is chosen on the basis of education, work experience and executive and administrative qualifications. In this position, the City Administrator supervises the general day-to-day operations of the City, and is generally responsible for carrying out all lawful policies established by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen, and coordinating the activities of all departments and offices of the City. The City Administrator's duties also include submitting the City's annual Budget for the approval of the Board of Aldermen, and administering personnel programs for the City, including the appointment, promotion or discharge of City employees.

The City Administrator of Town & Country is Gary Hoelzer. Mr. Hoelzer has served the City of Town and Country since 1985, when he was sworn in as a police officer. Mr. Hoelzer served as a sergeant, lieutenant, and finally as the operational Captain from 1997 until his appointment as City Administrator in 2013. He received his Master of Science in Criminal Justice from Central Missouri State University and his undergraduate degree in police administration from Missouri Baptist University. Mr. Hoelzer graduated from the FBI National Academy for police executives in 2001. Mr. Hoelzer served as the President of the Law Enforcement Officials of Greater St. Louis and a number of his articles on leadership, management and police operations have been published in national law enforcement publications. Mr. Hoelzer is a member of the St. Louis Area City Management Association and the Missouri City Management Association.