Deer Management

In January the latest phase of the City’s deer management program concluded with the culling of 210 deer, authorized by ordinance and the Missouri Department of Conservation. The program was once again conducted by White Buffalo, Inc, which is a nonprofit organization that is focused on the conservation of native species and ecosystems. In addition to the danger they pose to motorists, the overpopulation of deer can have a devastating impact upon the natural habitat of other living things; including flowers, trees, insects, bees, and birds.

Over 10,000 pounds of venison were donated to the Share the Harvest program which supplied burger, steak, roast, and loins to families and individuals in need through the St. Louis Area Foodbank.

White Buffalo also completed a distance sampling study, which estimated the current deer population at 47.5 deer per square mile in the ten square mile area west of I-270. This is an increase from last year’s estimate due to a lower mortality rate caused by the favorable weather conditions this past year. While we have made progress in a number of areas in the City, there are still a few areas that continue to see heavy concentrations of deer, especially along Topping and Thornhill Roads.

The report also makes an observation regarding the adverse impact that feeding deer has on the effectiveness of the program. Not only does feeding deer violate City ordinance, it has a negative affect on wildlife overall and is strongly discouraged by the Missouri Department of Conservation and other wildlife organizations.

The final reports from White Buffalo are available below. Inquiries, complaints or interest in participating as a cooperating landowner can be directed to