1. Forms & Applications

    We have provided access to many of the forms that you may need. The forms are grouped by each city department.

  2. Garage/Estate Sales

    Any person conducting a garage sale or other sales involving the offering of multiple items of personal property on residential property is required to obtain a garage sale permit from the city.

  3. Licenses

    This site provides information on the following licenses: Business Licenses, Liquor Licenses, Garage / Estate Sale, License, Special Event License, Lawn Service License.

  4. Longview Farm House Rental

    Three different multiuse rooms are available for $50 per hour to create the perfect space for any event.

  5. Noise Permit

    Click here to apply for a noise permit pursuant to Section 210.335 of the Municipal Code.

  6. Peddlers, Solicitors and Canvassers

    This page has information for those interested in peddling, soliciting and canvassing in Town & Country, and for residents wanting to be placed on the NO VISIT list.

  7. 2016 Photo Competition

    Find out more about the 2016 Photo Competition.