Community Information

  1. Community Art

    Learn more about the active art community in Town & Country.

  2. Community Programs

    From contacts while on foot patrol at Town and Country Crossings or one of the other retail centers, to the interaction at our citizens police academy, the relationships and partnerships between the police department and the community we serve are vital in the common goal of ensuring that Town and Country remains a safe place to live, work, shop or play.

  3. Deer Management

    To learn more about the Town & Country Deer Management Program and access related reports.

  4. Municipal Court

    The Town and Country Municipal Court is a division of the 21st Judicial Circuit Court of the State of Missouri.

  5. No Visit List

    Information for residents regarding the No Visit List, Peddlers, Solicitors and Canvassers

  6. Our City's History

    A brief history the City of Town and Country

  7. Report A Concern

    Submit a concern to staff.

  8. Storm Water Projects

    Learn more about the identified storm water projects in Town and Country.

  9. Town Square Task Force

    Information on the Town Square Task Force

  10. Urban Coyote Info

  11. Senior Services

    Click here to get information about senior services offered by St. Louis County.

  12. Utility Information

    This page gives helpful information on the four major utilities Ameren UE, Laclede Gas, Metropolitan Sewer District and Missouri American Water.