Boards & Commissions

The City of Town and Country has several advisory boards and commissions that are established in order to provide citizen and volunteer input to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen in the city's decision-making process. Members of these boards and commissions are generally appointed by the Mayor with the advice, consent and approval of a majority of the members of the Board of Aldermen.

If you would like to volunteer to serve on a city board or commission contact City Clerk Ashley McNamara or City Administrator Gary Hoelzer via email or at 314-432-6606.

You can receive agendas and public notices for any and/or all of the following groups via email by visiting our Notify Me page and signing up today. You can select the subscriptions you wish to receive and can also sign up for other important lists like public notices and community updates!
  1. Architectural Review Board

    The Architectural Review Board shall work with any applicant and interested party to find architectural design solutions for all parties, to the extent that the board deems appropriate and feasible.

  2. Board of Adjustment

    The Board of Adjustment is a statutorily provided entity within the city, the purpose of which is hearing requests for variances to the city's zoning code brought forth by residents and property owners.

  3. Board of Aldermen

    The Mayor and Board of Aldermen are responsible for the care and management of the City. As elected officials, they are responsible for passing all ordinances, policies, and other such regulations for the good of the City. The Mayor is elected at large and serves a four year term. The Board of Aldermen consists of eight residents with two elected from each ward to serve two year terms.

  4. Conservation Commission

    The City's Conservation Commission makes policy recommendations to the Board of Aldermen on matters such as ecologically sound programs and practices, the promotion of beautification, environmental education projects, wildlife safety and harmony, and promotes awareness of the City's history. The Commission is responsible for managing the Community Garden and making recommendations regarding the City's Beautification Program.

  5. Deer Management Task Force

  6. Parks & Trails Commission

    The Parks and Trails Commission serves as an advisory board to the Mayor and the Board of Aldermen on issues concerning the parks system as it relates to the quality of life for residents and property values within the city of Town and Country.

  7. Planning & Zoning Commission

    The Planning and Zoning Commission is a statutorily created commission that hears planning and zoning matters that are to come before the city and makes recommendations to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen on such matters.

  8. Police, Fire & EMS Commission

    The Police, Fire & EMS Commission makes recommendations to the Board of Aldermen on laws for furtherance of police, fire and emergency service protection for citizens of the city.

  9. Public Art Commission

    The Public Art Commission promotes the arts throughout the community of Town & Country through education, exhibits, events and partnership with local educational institutions; and to investigate the establishment of funding for public art to enhance the cultural fabric of our community.

  10. Public Works Commission

    The Public Works Commission makes recommendations including construction acceptance or infrastructure improvements and infrastructure needs to the Board of Aldermen on matters such as streets, roads, sound walls, sidewalks, storm sewers, drains, street lights, plantings in the public right-of-way, and other public improvements. They also make recommendations regarding the application of building codes, plan review and inspection policies of the City.

  11. Ways & Means Commission

    The Ways & Means Commission makes recommendations to the Board of Aldermen on matters such as taxes, the annual budget, appropriation of public funds, investments and depositories of city funds, and long range financial planning for the city. The Commission also makes recommendations on such matters as employee benefits and retirement coverage, as well as on all insurance coverage.